2017 Freeman Community Development Corporation Executive Committee:

President: John Koch
Vice President: Open
Secretary: Janver Stucky
Treasurer: Patrick Hofer

Organization Committees

Agriculture — John Koch, chair
Commerce — Dawn Walz, chair
Economic Development — Dean Dreessen, chair
Education — John Koch, chair
Tourism — Tim L. Waltner, chair

E-mail should be sent to fcdc@freemaninfo.com.

More information about economic development opportunities and projects in Freeman is also available from Freeman City Hall, which is staffed from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The phone number is 605-925-7127 or 605-925-4444. The fax number is 925-7920. 

Freeman is located on U.S. Highway 81 with easy access to both I-29 and I-90. The proximity of Freeman to the larger communities of Mitchell, Sioux Falls and Yankton, makes Freeman a regional hub with access to a large and capable workforce.

Freeman's existing 11-acre North Industrial Park is filled and home to six businesses. The Freeman Community Development Corporation and the City of Freeman are now pursuing the establishment of a new industrial park along Highway 81. Considerations and priorities are to provide:
• Convenient highway access
• Natural Gas
• Sewer: 8" lines
• Water: 4" lines
• Street lighting
• Paved Roads
• Telephone
• Electricity

The city of Freeman, through Hutchinson County, offers a local Discretionary Tax formula on new construction. This formula was established in 1992, and is designed as an incentive for economic development in the City of Freeman. The formula works like this: 75% reduction of property taxes the first year, 50% reduction of property taxes the second year, and 25% reduction of property taxed the third year. For more details call 925-4444.

Freeman is located in Hutchinson County which borders Douglas, Davison, Hanson, McCook, Turner and Yankton counties.


Power Suppliers: NorthWestern Energy
Power Distributors: NorthWestern Energy

Natural Gas
Supplier and Distributor: NorthWestern Energy

Other Fuels
Fuel Oil Distributors: Stern Oil, Country Pride Co-op
Propane Distributors: Stern Oil, Country Pride Co-op

Supplier: B-Y Rural Water System
Source: Missouri River
Storage Capacity: 0.604 mgd
Excess Capacity: 0.369 mgd

Waste Disposal Sanitary Sewer
100% Coverage

Lagoon Treatment Plant
5 Pond Network
108 million gallons effective storage

City owned/operated Solid Waste Disposal Garbage Truck

Rubble site
Compost site for organic refuse
Tree and branch site

Recycling Facility
City owned and operated: Accepts: Newspaper, Plastics, Tin, Aluminum, Glass, Computer Paper, and Cardboard